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This past Friday was interesting in that every few hours I discovered something new.  To give some background, a couple of weeks ago I broke my hand at an out-of-town wedding and I’m now in a hard cast to my elbow.  Almost without exception, the reaction of those who find out has been “How terrible, but you know, it could have been worse.”  I remember saying this same thing to injured people in the past and now I see how much they wanted to smack me.

Yes, of course it could have been worse.  I could have fallen AT the wedding instead of the night BEFORE adding public humiliation to physical pain.  As it was, only Husband got to see me flailing on the floor like a rabid gopher.  I could also have broken my leg or my face or my neck.  I could have caught fire.  So yes, it could always be worse.  Unless you die, in which case you don’t have to fly home or hear about how lucky you are you didn’t spontaneously combust in Indiana.

To prevent the cast from getting wet, I now wear a special apparatus in the shower that’s like a garbage bag fastened to my upper arm with what looks and feels like a tourniquet.  You may think this makes things like shaving my legs in the shower difficult but shaving is actually easy.  What’s hard is finding a place to stand as the basin fills up with the blood that used to be inside my body.  I would guess the screaming is also hard on anyone who might be home at the time but the noise would also scare off any robbers lurking outside the house so it COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE.

After showering, I received an alarming cell call from Daughter who had just had an emergency visit to the doctor’s office where she had her lasik surgery a few months ago.  One of her young special ed students accidentally poked her in both eyes with his fingers causing her to see stars, God and a taxicab in that order.  Fortunately, the doctor saw her immediately and no damage was done.  To her.  I, however, was a mess.

So I went online to check my blog traffic and web presence which always has a calming effect except that on Friday my presence was missing its header pictures.  I called tech support in a panic and found out it was crucial that I pick a new template, which they’ve advised me to do repeatedly in the past and even offered to assist.  The template I’d been using since I started blogging in 2006 had been updated so many times that it was currently being referred to as a legacy template and was starting to show signs of web palsy.

‘Legacy template’ makes me think of how Starbucks refers to Elton John and the other musicians on their music label as ‘heritage artists’.  Every time I hear that term I want to gulp a handful of glucosamine tablets because those are the performers my joints danced to at countless concerts over the years before I went heritage along with them.

Having gotten through another online crisis, let me take a moment and thank all the patient tech support staffers at GoDaddy and especially my guru there who spent hours helping me move into modern times and smile for the camera.  The back of the woman I used to be is forever grateful.

legacy 1 legacy_blogger_small

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legacy 2 chrysler

chrysler building

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atlanta aquarium

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empire state

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underwater in georgia

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