Rules of Engagement

Husband and I had to fly down to Florida again last week as a result of my father-in-law’s injury from a fall, except it was bad weather and schools were out for spring break, and the grand total was no flights to south Florida.  So we wound up flying into Orlando and driving down, which would have been annoying except Husband’s brother caught a similar flight from his city and we all drove down to Delray from Mickeyland together.

Before I get to the drive, I have to say that the JetBlue plane to Orlando was FULL of kids and they were all exceptionally well-behaved inflight.  The individual who pissed me off was the woman seated right next to me.  She wouldn’t turn off her cell phone, even after the crew made the announcement at takeoff and I asked her twice.  She told me she wasn’t emailing – she was just entering messages to be transmitted later.

At the end of the trip, the announcement came on for everyone to once again TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONICS in preparation for landing and she still kept plinking away.  Finally, a crew member came toward us and I thought okay, now she’ll get instructed to comply, but the two of them just nodded at each other and he kept walking.  When the plane landed, she took out a badge and affixed it to her belt-loop and it identified her as an employee of JetBlue’s marketing department.  So I guess JetBlue either has separate rules for employees enjoying their free flights or else they’ve been jerking our tails that non-approved electronics interfere with aircraft instruments.  I’ll wait for them to tell me which it is in their response to the letter I sent to corporate.

Back to the drive with Husband and BIL (Brother-In-Law), which was actually painless, until we stopped for a snack and Husband got two donuts at Dunkin.  One of them was a round glazed, and one an oblong cruller.  He ate half the cruller and handed me the bag with the 1-1/2 donuts to keep in the back seat.  Before I folded down the top I looked inside and the cruller looked luscious so I broke off a little piece.  All right, I broke off half.  It was scrumptious.

A while later, Husband asked for the bag and I handed it up and he looked inside and said half the left over cruller must have broken off and fallen out and do I see it in a napkin on the back seat?  I looked all around and BIL even leaned over to help and Husband said it has to be back there and he gave me the bag so I could see for myself and I said I must have eaten it.  He pretty much went a little ballistic, asking all about what was I thinking?  And I said I obviously went into survival mode because his record for sharing goodies is so unpredictable.  Sometimes he’ll say, “Of course, take whatever you want,” and other times it’s, “No, I want the rest.”  I was all cramped up in the back of a Chevy Cobalt and I just couldn’t take the chance.  Hearing my defense Husband exclaimed, “So this is MY fault?”  And I told him if I had to answer that he clearly wasn’t seeing the bigger picture.  BIL laughed for about five miles.  We joined in the last two.

On the flight back, we plunked down an extra $25 apiece for those Even More Legroom seats, and the very tall and husky man next to me pulled out an enormous hero sandwich as soon as we were airborne.  His eating style was a little locker room but that wasn’t the surprise.  The surprise was what he was watching on the JetBlue TV.  Husband had on NCIS, and I was enjoying the NCAA Final Four recap on ESPN.  The giant with the salami hanging from the side of his mouth was watching The Real Housewives of New York City.

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