Dinner on Thursday

Husband and I met Son for dinner at Salvatore’s, our neighborhood Italian restaurant.  We usually choose sushi for our family outings, but on Thursday we were feeling a little parmigiana and pesto.  Husband and I arrived first and greeted Sal as we walked in.  Of course there’s a Sal at Salvatore’s.  In fact, there are two:  Senior and Junior.  It was Junior minding the store that evening, and Son chatted with him briefly when he arrived before sitting down to join us.

SON:  How you doing?  What’s new?

OSV:  Well, I finally got myself a netbook.

SON:  What did you get, a Dell?

OSV:  Toshiba.

SON:  For like $250, $300?

OSV:  $300.  Well, it was $400, but they gave me $100 off because I also got a –

SON:  Printer?

OSV:  No.

SON:  External hard drive?

OSV:  No.

SON:  Plasma TV?

OSV:  No!

SON:  What did you get?

OSV:  I got a . . .

SON:  You forgot, didn’t you?

OSV:  Isn’t that part of your game?

SON:  No game.  What did you get?

OSV:  A wireless plan with one of those –

SON:  Air cards?

OSV:  Devices.

SON:  To connect to a network?

OSV:  Verizon’s network.

SON:  An air card.  Good, Mom, that’ll be easier for you to carry around.  Netbooks are like one and a half pounds.

OSV:  Two and a half.

HUSBAND:  That’s still better than your eight pound laptop.

OSV:  Seven.

SON:  You’re very particular with the details.

OSV:  Me?  Well, yeah.  Where do you think you get it from?

SON:  Get what from?  Were you guys up at the condo last week?

HUSBAND:  Yes, and we’d love for you and your girlfriend to come up and visit one weekend.

OSV:  We’ll even spring for a hotel nearby so you don’t have to stay in our behind-the-garage guest room with the bathroom two flights up.

SON:  Yeah, that would not appeal to me.  The hotel’s inexpensive though, right?

OSV:  It’s a Hampton Inn.

SON:  Then it would be relatively cheap.

OSV:  If it’s that cheap, you can pay for it.

SON:  I thought I was your guest.

OSV:  You are, but I wouldn’t want you to lose any sleep over us footing the bill.

SON:  Don’t be ridiculous.  I won’t lose sleep.  I’m letting you buy me dinner, aren’t I?

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