Why not offend everyone?

Here we are again, at the crossroads of political worminess and voter insult.  I hate to say I told you so, but two years ago when New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign amid a lurid sexting scandal, I wrote the blog entry Spare us a Weinergate.  I remarked to Husband, “He’ll be back.  Eliot Spitzer and his whoring on the taxpayer dollar will be back.  They all come back.  New Yorkers love to give second chances.  It’s what shields us from believing we’re rude.”  Even while I was saying it, I was hoping I was wrong.  Alas.

New York is now in the midst of a mayoral race, courtesy of Michael Bloomberg’s inability to extend his term limit (again).  Among the candidates is Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, if you happen to be one of his sexting buddies.  One 23-year-old buddy, with the unlikely name of Sydney Leathers, says she feels disgusted and betrayed by Weiner because he told her he had changed.  He wasn’t prone any longer to the dubious behavior that brought him down in 2011.  Considering she was in the midst of an eight month phone sex and texting relationship with a married man, it’s unclear at what point these righteous emotions overcame her.  Leathers’ advice to Weiner’s wife is, “Don’t trust him,” a warning on a par with “Don’t lick a steak knife.”

Huma Abedin, Weiner’s lovely and loving wife, has publicly krazy-glued herself to the ground at her husband’s side in a display of marital support not seen since the Clinton era, that heady time when the term “windowless hallway” found its way into the cheater’s dictionary.  No surprise that Abedin is a longtime staffer of Hillary’s, and the former First Lady has even said she thinks of Huma as a daughter.  If that’s true, may I never hear the motherly pep talk Chelsea got before senior prom.  Since people in these circles are never agenda-less, if Huma’s stand-by-her-man show is laying the groundwork for her own political aspirations, she might want to hire a speechwriting tutor.  Her statement that their current situation is “between us and our marriage” borders on grammatical hilarity.

Eliot Spitzer’s prayers have been answered.  His return to the political arena after exiting in disgrace as governor had all the earmarks of being high profile.  But thanks to his fellow democrat, the Amazing Mr. Danger, Spitzer is skipping along the path to city comptroller so far under the radar he could be a mole.  Although both politicians shared a clever split cover this month on a New York Magazine,

why not 1 Screenshot2013_07_26at6_02_29PM

the latest New Yorker belongs to Weiner alone.

why not 2 WeinersNewYork

Right about now, alone sounds pretty good.

Daughter’s Fotos represent the 4th annual Welling Court Mural Project in Queens, NY

why not 3 WellingCourt5

why not 4 WellingCourt8

why not 5 WellingCourt2

why not 6 WellingCourt3

why not 7 WellingCourt4

why not 8 WellingCourt9

why not 9 WellingCourt10

why not 10 WellingCourt6

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