Because I Love Your Brother/Sister More

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving again this year at the excellent restaurant we’ve come to call home for the holidays.  The kids and I ordered our favorite lamb and filet mignon while Husband enjoyed his traditional turkey and stuffing.  During dinner, Daughter filled us in on the courses she needs to finish her master’s degree, and I mentioned with a groan that next semester I’ll be taking the two classes I need to fulfill my general education requirements:  science and math.  Whichever side of the brain fosters interest in these two subjects is not a side I have.  In fact, I would rather swallow a jar of moths than take either one of them.

SON:  You know what my best skill was in college?

HUSBAND:  Tell us.

SON:  Knowing which were the easiest courses to take.

DTR:  Impressive.

SON:  No, really, it’s instinct.  It’s not something you can learn.

OSV:  And this served you well all four years of your major university education?

SON:  Four and a half.

OSV:  That’s very amusing.  Can I use that in a future entry?

SON:  Be my guest.

At this point, Daughter turned to her brother.

DTR:  You know, it’s because you say funny things like that that Mom’s always quoting you in her blog.

SON:  Oh, please, most of the entries are about you.

DTR:  WHAT??  It’s “Son” this and “Son” that.  You’re in way more entries than I am.  You’re quoted for chrissake.

SON:  You don’t even know how ridiculous that sounds.

DTR:  I guarantee if you did a Ctrl-F search of the whole site you’d find dozens more references to you than me.

SON:  All right, let’s do a search.  You’ll see you’re in every entry.  Whose pictures are those at the end?

I turned to Husband for help with my adult children.

OSV:  I write about the kids equally, don’t I?

HUSBAND:  You do.  You definitely do.  Now let’s talk about the ones I’m in.

I knew this day would come.  Where’s the waiter with that check?

For all future Ctrl-F searches, here are Daughter’s Featured Fotos

harbor view

harbor view

eye spy a truck

eye spy a truck



penthouse view

penthouse view

Note:  Thanks to the friend whose funny story inspired this entry title.  You know who you are.

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