Eviction Notice

I had been getting emails from GoDaddy, my blog host, that looked official and somewhat ominous, so naturally I ignored them.  They were spewing some nonsense about their blogging platform being discontinued as of June 25th, but clearly this was a mistake since I’d been blogging there since 2006 and doesn’t that constitute some sort of permanence?

Well, if no one has told you this before (and I’m sure they have, because THEY know everything) nothing is permanent on the web.  I am now down to the wire in importing my blog to WordPress and building a new page to live on.  Importing, by the way, is the web term for MOVING, and we all know how we all love MOVING.  ‘Importing’ sounds so much more Balenciaga Eurotrashy, except you can only export text files, and no images or hyperlinks.  I refuse to lose the 2000 amazing photos that have graced this blog, most of them by Daughter, so that means each image has to be inserted manually.  Then I need to go back into the 445 posts I’ve written and reinstall my hyperlinks.  For many hours over the next two weeks, that’s what I’ll be doing.

This is what I have to tell you.  The site will look different, but it’s the same blog with the same name, onesanevoice.com.  If there’s a time lapse between June 25th and the new site being ready, please check back until we reappear.  If you’re a subscriber, you may need to resubscribe once the page is up.  Please do that.  I would hate to lose you.  Almost as much as I hate moving.

I would love to stay and tell you about the amazing Baltic Sea cruise we just returned from, but I have to search through new templates, upload JPEGs, and talk to people who know what they’re doing so they can tell me what I’m doing.  I leave you with a photo of the Narva Triumphal Arch in St. Petersburg, a memorial to the war of 1812.  Like my current state of mind, it’s raining.

eviction 1 NarvaintheRussianrain

See you on the other side.

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