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At the sign post up ahead, the AARP Zone

I just cruised up to my 56th birthday, the sixes always seeming like the other side of a grandiose milestone.  Like the olive left in the bottom of a martini or the pie crust after all the filling is gone.  … Continue reading

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The First 26

We celebrated Son’s birthday at our favorite sushi place the other night, and the evening was garnished with a sprig of serendipity along with the tempura rolls.  Husband’s evening meeting was canceled so he became available at the last minute, and Daughter … Continue reading

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The Norfolk Incident revisited

In honor of today being Son’s 26th birthday, I am reprinting a newspaper column I wrote about him 14 years ago.  The subject is dated now, but back in the mid-90s it was something many parents struggled with. March was … Continue reading

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