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Sleep Fast, Sleep Tight

I’m rereading a collection of short stories called Circling the Drain, written in 1999 by Amanda Davis, a young author with a compelling gift for poetic language.  A writer of tremendous talent and promise, Ms. Davis had two books published:  the … Continue reading

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Blacktop Battleground

Husband and I just took another vacation out in Arizona and New Mexico.  We have a great time on these road trips, and frequently rent a motorcycle for a day or two to explore scenic routes and do our version … Continue reading

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Fly THIS, JetBlue

It’s Thursday afternoon and we are sitting here on the runway at JFK for, let’s see, close to two hours now.  Husband and I had this madcap idea of dashing off to St. Augustine, Florida for the weekend for reasons … Continue reading

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What, Me Worry?

There is peace of mind and then there is a piece of your mind.  The moment you become a parent you start giving out lots of the second in an effort to get a small chunk of the first.  Here … Continue reading

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