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The Reckoning

I watch my 4-year-old grandson run at breakneck speed, and I see Son. My 2-year-old granddaughter crinkles her eyes and smiles at me, and I see Daughter. They say hilarious things. Correction: at the time they moved away last month, … Continue reading

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Excerpts from Parenthood

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has no correlation to raising children.  Kids age and change by the nanosecond while their parents gaze at their own image in the mirror and wonder when that 20-year-old suddenly turned gray.  It is through our … Continue reading

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Buy Me a Volvo

There’s a commercial on TV these days that just gets me.  It’s one of those ‘Who would you buy a Volvo for?’ spots that has this little girl about four or five being seat-belted into the car by her very caring, … Continue reading

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Roots and Wings

Time goes on and changes need to be made.  As a Taurus, I’m not so good with changes.  Which is why the house is still cluttered with the belongings of people I once gave birth to but have now moved … Continue reading

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