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Today’s entry comes via Daughter, an NYC public elementary school teacher.  Over the course of the year, Daughter has related many of her experiences in our broken public education system, most recently in Waiting for Rheeform.  This story takes place on a trip to another borough to pick up art supplies that Daughter attained for her school through a grant.  She is accompanied in the van by a driver and another teacher, a tenured educator at the same school.

Crossing over the 59th Street Bridge to get to Long Island City from Harlem

OTHER TEACHER:  Is there water under this bridge?


DAUGHTER:  Yes, it’s the East River.

OT:  Do all bridges have water under them?

DTR:  Not all, but most.  In New York City, all of them.  George Washington, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Manhattan, Triboro, and 59th Street.

OT:  What about tunnels?  Where do they go?

DTR:  They go under water; actually through it.  Lincoln Tunnel, Holland, Midtown, Brooklyn Battery.

OT:  Tunnels go through water?!?!

Driver glances at Daughter with bug-eyes in rear view mirror.

DTR:  Not all tunnels go through water; some go through mountains.  However, in NYC they all go through water.  Bridges and tunnels create a way to go across water or an impenetrable pass.  They connect two pieces of land.

Hours later….

OT:  All bridges?!?!  All tunnels?!?!

DTR:  Well, not all have to do with water, but most.  And certainly on the island of Manhattan.

OT:  Oh.

Today’s photos from Project Lobby showcase the photography genius of Natsumi Hayashi who captures herself in poses that look like she’s levitating

business 1 yowayowa1

business 2 yowayowa2

business 3 yowayowa6

business 4 yowayowa10

business 5 umbrella

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