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Nothing but time

The condo complex upstate that Husband and I don’t get away to often enough uses a system of robocalls to alert homeowners to maintenance issues.  Since we’re part-time residents, most of the calls don’t affect us to a huge degree, … Continue reading

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Business as usual

Today’s entry comes via Daughter, an NYC public elementary school teacher.  Over the course of the year, Daughter has related many of her experiences in our broken public education system, most recently in Waiting for Rheeform.  This story takes place on … Continue reading

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The Transporters

In most civilized populated places, when a citizen needs to relocate their belongings to a site other than the one they currently inhabit, they pack all their goodies up in boxes and simply transport these items elsewhere.  In practice this … Continue reading

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Roll Call

Back when my father ran his company out of a building down in Soho, I walked into his office one day and found him poring over the Times.  When I got close enough to see what page he was on, I asked, … Continue reading

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Game Over

Along about Game 5 of this year’s World Series between the Yankees and the Phillies, my mind started to wander, and not just back to the Bronx for Game 6.  I got to thinking:  If Philadelphia’s team is called the … Continue reading

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Melting in the Park

Thursday I had to be in the city for an afternoon appointment, so I arranged to meet Daughter near the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side after she dismissed her students for the day.  I texted her … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

On a trip to England a few years back, Husband and I made sure to visit the London Underground for a ride on the tubes.  Their security was already ahead of ours, as evidenced by the absence of trash receptacles, … Continue reading

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Steady As She Goes

In recent years, our New Year’s Day has been more eventful than our New Year’s Eve.  This is possibly because Husband and I are both more likely to be awake during the Day than the Eve.  This year, after a … Continue reading

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